18th Century

Maximilien Robespierre: The Shirt and Frock Coat

I swear, I’ll be blogging about this project for eternity. I think that there will be at least two more posts about it, not to mention finally getting proper photos.

Anyway, I believe that in my first post about this project (here), I mentioned that I wanted to remake the shirt and the frock coat. The shirt has some good elements (the roll-hemmed ruffle) and some bad elements (the poor fit, the fact that it was sewn almost entirely by machine). After reading this blog post, I’m pretty excited about making a well-fitted men’s shirt entirely by hand.

This isn’t ironed, sadly

As it is, I should be able to pick apart the shirt and re-sew it with the same pieces. I’ll probably add some elements to make it more historically accurate, which may involve a bit of piecing, but it shouldn’t be that big of an ordeal. One thing that I’m excited about is making thread buttons with which to fasten the shirt. They seem like a fun project.

Remaking the shirt should be simple, but remaking the frock coat will be decidedly less so. The frock coat in its current state fits poorly and the lapel is too low. The sleeves are too tight and are set badly. I may eventually pick apart the coat and make myself a new one, because I like the fabric and I have a few scraps left, but my plan right now is to make a completely new frock coat.

It used to have buttons, but I ripped them off for Max’s Frock Coat Version 2.0.


I didn’t have time to line the coat when I made it.

I shall use a brown and orange corduroy that is more similar to the fabric in the portrait, and hopefully it’ll be less finicky when it comes to holding up a large collar than the silk taffeta.

Thank you for reading!

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